Toxicology Services

toxicology servicesThe principles of toxicology are at the core of COEH’s expertise and experience. The ability to accurately assess the effect of occupational and environmental exposures to hazardous chemicals is an underlying prerequisite for delivering effective work products to our clients. Our qualified scientists have the academic credentials and practical experience necessary to support our toxicology service area.


Occupational Toxicology. COEH scientists develop occupational exposure limits, prepare MSDSs, and conduct reproductive health evaluations. We are particularly adept at evaluating specialty chemicals and providing recommendations to maintain a healthy workplace.

Human Health Risk Assessments. Using available quantitative and qualitative information, COEH performs human health risk assessments that can be used to assess liability in toxic tort cases or to determine regulatory compliance (e.g., California’s Proposition 65, Toxic Substances Control Act, Superfund). By evaluating exposure potential and toxicology literature, COEH develops concise statements regarding current and future health concerns.

Toxicity Summaries. Developing toxicity summaries for specialty chemicals and products, some of which may involve emerging technologies (e.g., nanotechnologies), is an important niche service area for COEH. We will review current and reliable toxicology data to give our clients a clear understanding of potential risks associated with occupational and environmental exposures.

Consumer Product Health Issues. COEH evaluates the health effects associated with consumer product use and determines cost-effective strategies to mitigate health-related complaints.

Scientific Litigation Support. COEH provides an array of scientific litigation support services, many of which require our expertise in toxicology.

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